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How to define your brand

How to define your brand

How to define your brand: Three-step exercise to ensure your brand’s authenticity and integrity shine through

People choose to work with our agency because of the clear values we uphold and the integrity that underscores our actions.

  •  They understand that we’ll always give our best. Our integrity and genuine intention have earned deep trust, making our opinions highly valued.
  •  They recognize that I’d rather decline a project than overcommit or compromise quality.
  •  They’ve seen our commitment to transparency.

In today’s saturated market, where promises are made liberally (doubling revenues in a month, long contract binds, etc.), it’s those with genuine intentions, consistent actions, and a heart for true service that stand out.

In an era where standing out is simpler than ever, it’s ironic how few actually do. So, ask yourself: What defines your brand? And who do you truly want to be seen as?

As you build and refine your brand, here’s a three-step exercise to ensure your brand’s authenticity and integrity shine through:

1. Self reflection:

Dedicate time to introspect. Clearly define your values and principles. List out what you’ll never compromise on. This foundational understanding of ‘who you are’ as a brand will serve as your north star.

2. Feedback loop:

Periodically, seek feedback from your clients, partners & customers. Understand their perception of your brand. It offers an external view and will help you recognize if your actions align with your brand’s ethos.

3. Transparent communication:

Every interaction is a branding opportunity. Whether you’re turning down a project or rectifying an error, tackle it with honesty and clarity. Remember, it’s not about being flawless but being genuine in every step.

In a world of noise, your authenticity will be your distinguishing melody. It’s more than just words; it’s the daily choices and actions that make your brand truly resonate with the right audience.

Best regards
Asger Olsson

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