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Frontloading tasks

Frontloading – A competitive advantage for agencies

Why frontloading tasks is a massive competitive advantage
One of the best tips i can give to agency owners & consultants, to get an obvious competitive advantage.

Frontload your tasks in the beginning of your partnerships.

This might be obvious for some, but trust me it is not – i still see huge businesses paying agencies $10.000 and have obvious things not set up, or updated.

When onboarding new clients we go all in from the beginning, using the first few weeks to:

  • Fix tracking systems
  • Optimize product feeds
  • Set up POAS bidding
  • Set up or optimize email flows
  • Going through their websites, and make obvious CRO optimizations.
  • Investing time in being involved in the creative process, with the clients in the beginning and truly learning their brand and tone-of-voice.

We lay a rock-solid-foundation.

And it is quite intense for the first few weeks, but it saves us a lot of time later on.

  1. We can deliver better results easier
  2. Keep clients happier for longer
  3. Avoids constant firefighting from short-term fixes
  4. Fewer problems = fewer calls and emails

And with our clients retention rate, it is peanuts timewise, to put in the work in the beginning.

Couple this with a transparent setup, where clients can see all their stats, in real-time, and focus on POAS (Profit) over ROAS (Revenue), and you can slash a lot of your workload on small tasks and communication and get better results easier.

Less stress, better results, happier clients, less frequent loss of clients. Win-win for all.

Now, I can hear some might say “But what if we invest all this effort and then lose the client?”.

In my experience, if you have a decent qualifying process you rarely face this problem. I don’t even tie my clients into contracts, never have, and never will. Why? Because it all comes down to delivering and communicating value.

And in my experience, there are a lot of good companies burning their hands on agencies & consultants all the time – so them getting an agency doing their part and overdelivering, makes it even tougher for them to leave.

And even if you lose a client because of some bad apple leaving after a complete setup – the 95% of clients staying because of the service is still worth burning your fingertip for.

So here’s my advice: Frontload your workload. The payoff in the long run is huge, and your perceived personal brand value is also going to benefit.

Best regards
Asger Olsson

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