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5 must-have email flows for webshops

5 must-have email flows for webshops

Email flows are among the strategies that can yield the highest return in relation to time spent. There are various approaches, but certain standard flows provide a solid foundation for any webshop, allowing for further customization and complexity as time permits.

1. Welcome Flow:

The Welcome flow shapes the first impression your customers have when they join your email list. This automated series sends emails to new subscribers or customers, introducing them to your webshop. It may include a welcome greeting, information about your products or services, expectations as part of the email list, and possibly a special welcome discount code. The setup involves automation based on newsletter sign-up through lead ads or pop-ups on the website etc.

2. Abandon Cart:

Targeting customers who added items to their cart but left without completing the purchase, the Abandon Cart flow sends automated reminders to motivate them. This often includes incentives like discounts, free shipping, or simply notifying them that their cart is saved, inviting them to reach out with any questions.

3. Browse Abandonment:

Focused on visitors who browsed products without making a purchase, this flow sends automated emails to remind them of the viewed products. It may offer relevant recommendations based on their browsing history or provide assistance with any questions they may have about the product they viewed.

4. Post Purchase:

This flow aims to retain customers who have already made a purchase. It includes thank-you emails, follow-up emails to ensure customer satisfaction, and possibly incentives for additional purchases, such as exclusive offers or membership benefits.

5. Win Back:

Targeting inactive or previous customers who haven’t made a purchase in a while, this automated flow identifies such customers and sends targeted emails with personal offers, exclusive discounts, updates, or inquiries about the reasons for their inactivity. The goal is to convince them to return and shop again by demonstrating the value of your brand. Automation is based on behavioral data and purchase history to maximize efficiency and win back lost customers.


1. Back in Stock flow:

This flow notifies customers who previously showed interest in an out-of-stock item when it becomes available again, effectively reviving potential buyers’ interest.

2. Trustpilot flow:

Involving automatic requests for product reviews or feedback from customers, the Trustpilot flow contributes to building trust and strengthening your company’s reputation.

3. Sunset Flow :

Targeting inactive customers, this flow sends automated emails to try to revive their interest by offering special incentives or encouraging them to update their preferences.

These automated email flows establish a robust foundation for engaging and retaining customers while allowing for additional customization and complexity based on the needs and resources of the business.

4. Birthday flow:

The Birthday flow is a heartfelt way to celebrate customers’ special days. Automated emails are sent on the customer’s birthday and may include a personal greeting, special birthday offers, or exclusive discounts. This creates a sense of appreciation and strengthens the connection between the customer and your brand.

5. Product Reviews – with Klaviyo Reviews:

This flow focuses on gathering and showcasing product reviews from your customers using Klaviyo Reviews. Automated emails are sent after a purchase to encourage customers to share their experiences and feedback. These reviews can boost the confidence of potential buyers, serving as the final push to make a purchase when they see others have been satisfied.

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