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Evaluate attribution settings in Meta

Evaluate attribution settings in Meta

Why you should evaluate Attribution Settings in Meta when looking at your agencies performance.

One common mistake agency owners and businesses make is attributing high Meta ROAS without considering other channels’ impact.

When you run a successful e-commerce business, other channels like email and Google Ads play a significant role in driving conversions. An agency might take credit for a high Meta ROAS without acknowledging the influence of these other channels.

You may notice that Meta ads show a higher ROAS on days when you send out emails or have other campaigns running. This can be misleading if you’re not reviewing attribution settings.

To get an accurate view of your Meta performance, ensure your agency reviews attribution settings. If a large portion of your revenue comes from a 1-day view rather than 1-day or 7-day clicks, you might not be as profitable as you think.

Here’s what the different attribution settings mean:

  • 1-Day Click: Conversions that occur within 1 day of clicking on an ad.
  • 7-Day Click: Conversions that occur within 7 days of clicking on an ad.
  • 1-Day View: Conversions counted if a user takes action within 1 day of ad impression.

Meta’s attribution system can overestimate its influence, especially if you have retargeting set up. We recommend focusing on a 1-7 day click attribution window for most businesses, avoiding overreliance on 1-day view, especially if you’re a larger business.

Let us know if you have any questions or need assistance in optimizing your attribution settings.

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