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9 simple and effective tricks for conversion optimization

9 simple and effective tricks for conversion optimization

One of the major things that is often talked about is conversion optimization, and conversion rate. However, it is often made out to be something that can be difficult to understand or presented as significant changes that need to be made to a site – it doesn’t have to be that way. Here are 9 simple things that will improve the conversion of your website.

1. Set up reviews for your products

If you’re not already using reviews for your products on the website, it can be an incredibly effective tool. Most people we know use Judge.me, but recently, Klaviyo, which we use as an email system for our customers, has created “Klaviyo Reviews”, where it has the ability to send emails to get reviews on the products the customer has purchased, subsequently to display them on the website.

We have seen a significant increase in the conversion rate on the website, especially after +20 reviews on the products.

This can also reduce customer service inquiries, as people may have their questions clarified by others who have had similar questions and have made purchases, or it can serve as social proof to actually get people to complete their purchase and go all the way.

2. “Buy Now” / “Add to Cart” button on category pages

Another small thing that can also encourage people to complete a purchase more quickly is to have an “Add to Cart” or “Buy Now” button on the products on the category page as well, and not just on the product pages.

3. Add USPs above/below the “Add to Cart” button on product pages

Another simple thing that can assist the consumer in making a decision about the purchase is to have a few USPs (Unique Selling Points) either above the “Add to Cart” button or below it on product pages. These could be things that you do uniquely, such as an extended return period that people can take advantage of, fast delivery, warranties, or similar.

4. Add payment solutions like Paypal, Klarna etc. to the product page

Add payment solutions like Paypal, Klarna etc. just below or above the “Add to Cart” button on each product.

5. Active sizes in stock on category pages

If you sell clothing and shoes, add available sizes on your category pages before customers click in, so they don’t click into a product they desire in vain.

6. Add “Notify me when the item is available again” to all sold-out items.

When an item goes out of stock, set it to “Notify me when the item is available” (if you restock it) and create an email flow, for example in Klaviyo, that sends an email stating that the product in the requested size is back “In Stock” again.

7. Almost out of stock

If you have some products with only a few left, create a sense of urgency by displaying it as “Few left” to prompt people to take action now.

8. Size guide

If you’re in the fashion or jewelry industry, it can be worthwhile to invest time in your size guide. This is both to reduce returns and to make people feel more confident in their orders. Additionally, including the model’s height + size is also very useful to give the consumer an understanding of how the item fits based on the model’s size.

9. Sale information on products + product pages

When running a sale, try to add the sale information to the product images on both the category pages and the product pages. Additionally, you should also mention it on the landing pages where you direct traffic. This makes people more aware of the offer, even if it is already stated on the products.

Many small changes, makes huge impacts (also in the negative way btw.) – And when you have many visitors coming through, small things in various places can result in a significant increase in returns. Try some of them and let us know if it has made a difference for you.

Best regards
Asger Olsson

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