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5 tricks that can increase your average order value (AOV)

5 tricks that can increase your average order value (AOV)

Are you selling some slightly cheaper items or struggling to get people to buy more products? Here are 5 tricks to increase your Average Order Value (AOV).

1. Add to the checkout window “You only need x amount for free shipping.”

A simple thing we have seen raise AOV is to use a plugin or code to display how much people are missing for free shipping in the checkout window on the website. It’s a simple form of gamification to encourage people to add a little extra item, often pushing them over the threshold for free shipping.

2. Add upsell at checkout with other relevant products

When people are in the cart, insert upsell products that are relevant additions to the products, such as those that matches or are commonly purchased alongside the product they have chosen – and make it easy for them to add them quickly.

3. Create package deals where people save when they buy a certain quantity

If you find it easy to source products, and volume can lower your cost price on the products, and you want to increase your AOV, creating package deals can be a sensible solution for some. It can also be a good way to clear out excess inventory that is difficult to sell. In the example below, they also manage to include one item in each color, forcing customers to include some less popular colors that may need to be moved, rather than allowing them to choose 10 in black/white, which are usually bestsellers for T-shirts.

4. Gift Boxes

Create gift boxes where you assemble ready-made packages with multiple products bundled together, which people can buy at a slightly lower price. It’s also a great way to increase Average Order Value (AOV) while clearing some inventory, without having to offer discounts and, for some, compromising on their brand.

5. Loyalty programs

Introduce a loyalty program that rewards customers for making larger purchases. Offer points or discounts for reaching specific spending milestones. This not only encourages customers to spend more in a single transaction but also fosters repeat purchases. Provide exclusive perks or early access to sales for loyal customers, creating a sense of exclusivity and encouraging them to make larger purchases to maintain their status.

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