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The story behind Wavi Charity

Wavi Charity is a side project we undertake once a year  – born out of a desire to do something special and leave a positive impact on the world.

Small things at the right time can significantly change people’s lives – sometimes it surprises me how small things actually need to be in order to make an significant impact on someone, both personally and professionally.

Whether it’s a mentor saying the right thing to give you the courage to try, a teacher inspiring you to get involved in a field, or a person showing you, during your toughest times, that you are still thought of and that there is a life on the other side.

There are many ways to give back.

Therefore, we try every year to do something special for people in need, primarily in Denmark, but in the long run, we also increasingly would like to do things abroad.

All the things we do would not be possible without our fantastic partners we work with, who allow us to freely showcase our skills and support all our small projects, including those under Wavi Charity.

This is just the beginning.


Corona has taken over the world situation, and although we as an agency and especially our ecommerce partners have never had a better year, there are still many who are affected by Corona.

As Asger himself has been hospitalized as a child, it was natural to talk to Rigshospitalet in Copenhagen, which mentioned that there were several sick children who were unable to spend Christmas with their families due to their weakened immune systems and therefore had to spend Christmas alone in the hospital.

After a conversation with Charlotte Blix, Project Manager at Rigshospitalet Children and Youth Program, we, in collaboration with No1, delivered more than 60 Christmas gifts to the children at Rigshospitalet, along with a few extra gifts for use in the departments.

Christmas Aid 2023

Energy prices have skyrocketed, people are saving money, and we hear more and more stories from acquaintances and people on social media seeking funds for both gifts and food, as the economy tightens.

The holiday season may not be a matter of life and death for many, but being able to participate in traditions and give one’s children a special experience with loved ones during a period where closeness and coziness are emphasized is important.

Therefore, at the end of 2023, we chose to organize some Christmas aid in collaboration with Roskilde Cathedral and Meny to distribute Christmas aid, in terms of food, to around 100 individuals and families for 4000 EUR.

Roskilde Hospital:

In addition to the Christmas aid, we also receive information that Roskilde Hospital was in need of gifts for the slightly older hospitalized children.

Therefore, in collaboration with LULU Copenhagen & Matinique, we delivered +35 gifts to Roskilde Hospital as part of the same initiative.

Fjorden Psychiatry Roskilde:

Fjorden Psychiatry was not initially on the plan, but we received a notice that Fjorde in Roskilde was in need of gifts for the hospitalized individuals who had nothing to open on Christmas Eve, which we found unfortunate.

Therefore, in collaboration with Roskilde Pharmacy, we delivered 15 Christmas gifts to the hospitalized individuals.

2024: On its way…

Want to take your business to the next level, and take part in making a change around the world?

Let us help take your business to the next level, so you can become the next partner to join us – that is a win-win for everybody.