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Today, I saw Martin Buch Thorborg’s post about the record low number of new businesses starting up in Denmark, and how it’s been 14 years since we’ve seen so many

This is for people and businesses that have not yet set up the new Google & Yahoo email sender requirements for 2024: (Takes 10 min). I will use Klaviyo as

You may ask why POAS is better than ROAS? Here is an idea of why we use POAS instead of ROAS, to get better results for our clients. At our

Why you should evaluate Attribution Settings in Meta when looking at your agencies performance. One common mistake agency owners and businesses make is attributing high Meta ROAS without considering other

It can be tough to know how to vet an advertising agency. When it comes to ads, most agencies and consultants operate on a largely even playing field. The knowledge

Why frontloading tasks is a massive competitive advantageOne of the best tips i can give to agency owners & consultants, to get an obvious competitive advantage. Frontload your tasks in

How to define your brand: Three-step exercise to ensure your brand’s authenticity and integrity shine through People choose to work with our agency because of the clear values we uphold

E-mailflows er blandt de strategier, der kan give det største afkast i forhold til den tid, der bruges. Der er forskellige tilgange, men visse standardflows giver et solidt fundament for

How to navigate discounts, as an ecom owner: Offering discounts can be a quick fix, like a high-end fashion webshop slashing prices on their designer dresses by 50% to gain

Arbejd med en partner, som du rent faktisk kan stole på.

Er du træt af ikke at få det, du bliver lovet, at stagnere, eller har du brug for nogen, der rent faktisk vil sparre med dig, proaktivt, og løse dine problemer?

Så lad os tage et 30-minutters introduktionsmøde for at se, om vi er et match og kan hjælpe dig med at løfte din virksomhed til det næste niveau.

Find en dato der passer dig herunder:

Gratis vækstanalyse

Skriv dine virksomhedsoplysninger herunder, og vi vil udføre en hurtig gennemgang for at afgøre, om vi er et godt match og undersøge områder der kan forbedres.